The EPC – Energy Performance Certificate

As part of the legal requirements for providing a Home Information Pack, your conveyancer or solicitor will need to acquire an Energy Performance Certificate, or EPC. The EPC is a useful method of determining just how energy efficient your home, or the home you intend to buy, actually is. It considers a number of important factors in determining a scaled representation of energy efficiency expressed on a scale of A-G with the most efficient being A.

The EPC is beneficial for a number of reasons. Primarily it indicates how efficient the energy performance of a home is and this dictates the energy bills for that home. The most efficient homes, that fall in band A, will typically have low fuel bills because they retain and use heat properly and efficiently. In contrast, the poorer performing homes that fall into lower bands will have high fuel costs on an annual basis. As well as showing potential fuel bill costs and whether any work may be required to improve the energy efficiency of a home, the EPC also gives an indication of how little or much damage a home is doing to the environment.

Energy efficiency has been hitting the headlines for several years now because of the damage to the environment that, among other influencing factors, has been spurred by inefficient homes. Homes with an EPC in bracket A can be considered to be highly energy efficient and therefore doing minimal damage to the environment whereas those in band G are contributing more to environmental damage and climate change.